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Lexicomp Online Browser Compatibility
What web browser can I use with Lexicomp Online?
Unable to Access Lexicomp Online
Lexicomp Online requires that cookies be enabled in order to access the site. Please follow the steps outlined in this article to ensure your browser is setup properly.

Unable to use Lexicomp Online
Provides information about accessing Lexicomp Online.
Lexicomp Online invalid password screen
Provides information to resolve login errors at lexi.com and online.lexi.com.
AOL users trying to access Lexi-Comp ONLINE
Provides information for AOL users and accessing Lexi-Comp ONLINE.
Lexicomp Online Help Page
Provides information about common Lexicomp Online errors.
Font Installation for Foreign Language Leaflets
Instructions for installing fonts to support the foreign language patient education leaflets.