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BlackBerry Installation and Troubleshooting

Please Note: There is currently no DEMO for the BlackBerry product.

To install the Lexi-Comp BlackBerry software please follow the steps below:


  1. Ensure that you have a strong wireless connection on your Blackberry (4-5 bars is ideal).
  2. Open your web browser on your BlackBerry and navigate to http://mobile.lexi.com
  3. Click on the link that appears to download the application.
  4. Click Download.
  5. After the application has downloaded you will see a message stating that the application has successfully downloaded. Click "OK" to acknowledge this and go back to the download page or click "Run" to run the program. (If you select ok, you will find the application in the Applications folder on your BlackBerry's main screen.
  6. Please check your email confirmation receipt from Lexi-Comp, this will contain the information needed below. The first time you launch the software you will be prompted to enter:

    • Email

    • Password

    • Activation key

On your initial launch, the program will download a number of databases which could take several moments. It is important that you keep a strong connection established. Please be patient while the download completes.