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Dental Lexi-Drugs & Lexi-Interact

Lexi-Comp for the iPhone

Mobile access to Lexi-Comp's most popular dental databases in one convenient application!

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Dental Lexi-Drugs is Lexi-Comp’s database of drug information pertaining to the field of dentistry. Information on over 7500 commonly prescribed medications and supplemental products is included in this resource for dental professionals. Lexi-Comp's industry-leading print reference, the Drug Information Handbook for Dentistry, is derived from the Dental Lexi-Drugs database.

With Lexi-Interact, perform an analysis of a patient's entire drug and natural product profile and identify possible interactions. Fully referenced and evidence-based, this application facilitates patient-specific, risk-to-benefit assessment. Each interaction monograph contains the following ratings:

Reliability Rating: Indicates the quantity and nature of documentation for an interaction.

Risk Rating: Reflects both the level of urgency and the nature of actions necessary to respond to an interaction:

  • A - No known interaction
  • B - No action needed
  • C - Monitor therapy
  • D - Consider therapy modification
  • X - Avoid combination

Severity Rating:Indicates the reported or possible magnitude of an interaction outcome.


Dental Lexi-Drugs provides mobile access to our dental specific, point-of-care information. Each drug monograph within Dental Lexi-Drugs contains up to 32 fields of information, including the following dental-specific fields of interest:

  • Special Alerts
  • Local Anesthetic/Vasoconstrictor Precautions
  • Effects on Dental Treatment
  • Effects on Bleeding
  • Dental Dosing for Selected Drug Classifications
  • Adverse Effects, Contraindications, Warnings/Precautions
  • Dental Comment

Use Lexi-Interact to quickly and easily review potential drug interactions. Analyzing a patient profile is as easy as: Select, Analyze, and Review.

SELECT - A patient-specific drug profile may be entered into Lexi-Interact by either generic or brand name.

ANALYZE - The Analysis Results screen provides a summary of drug interactions identified from the selected profile.

REVIEW - Each of the more than 1370 Lexi-Interact monographs provides a summary statement of the interaction, a scientific and clinically-relevant review of applicable literature (including full literature citations), and a list of strategies for preventing and/or managing the interaction. The potential for pharmacologically similar drugs to be involved in the same interaction is discussed.